Saturday, June 24, 2006

Hurricane Preparation (Non-Profits, Small Businesses and Individuals)

All Florida Business should go to and Click on the section for businesses. The site allows you to devise a strategic business plan in the event of a hurricane, G-d forbid. Individuals should also go there to devise their own safety and home protection plans (click on the section for individuals).

In the event of damage contact me and I'll fill out your FEMA claim as a volunteer service. They may reimburse you for all clean-up costs.

There are also Pre-Mitigation Disaster Grants available for providing emergency housing, etc. in the event of a hurricane. It's best to organize a proposal that combines the services of several organizations. I have a school that wishes to be a part of this (providing strategic planning). Any community organizations that wish to take part should let me know. To be added to the proposal just let me know what your organization would like to do.

If anyone suffers personal losses, G-d forbid, please let me know and I'll provide them with a list of the best United Way and Social Services contacts in their area.

All Hurricane Grants and FEMA claims that Insiders Review assists your organization with will be done on a strictly volunteer basis.


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